Learning to Fly



Flying a Microlight requires a Private Pilots Licence. At Northern Microlights instruction takes place on  dual seat flexwing and fixed-wing Microlights. The licence requires a minimum of 25 hours flying, 10 of which have to be solo. Straight forward, multiple choice written tests and a flight test must also be taken




Progression through the course depends on personal aptitude but most people go solo after 10 to 15 hours of flying.

To see if Microlight flying is for you, start with a trial lesson, after which we guarantee you'll be hooked. The next step is to book some lessons.

At Northern Microlights we can be as flexible as you like, book your lessons weekly or daily the choice is yours. The average person books an hour a week and spreads learning over several months.

A purpose built theory package is also available to provide all the knowledge required to pass the exams. Should you wish to add to your basic licence, we at Northern Microlights are qualified to give training in radio telephony and instructor ratings.



To book your first lesson or a trial flight simply contact 07960 525367 northernmicros@aol.com 





Our credentials 


Northern Microlight is one of the longest established schools in the U.K.  The CFI and proprietor Graham Hobson set up his microlight school in the North West during the early days as Hang Gliders evolved into Microlights.  It was a natural progression for him after running a successful Hang Gliding school and competing at world-class level.  The early eighties was the time to move on to this newly evolving sport.  His instincts were right, some forty years later he is still running a successful school.  Since then hundreds of fledgling pilots have passed through his hands, gained their wings and gone on to have successful flying careers of their own.  All the flexwing instructors in the North West and others elsewhere, have either been taught to fly, gained their instructor rating or been examined and retested by him. 

As such a seasoned flyer, it is no surprise that he was appointed as one of the C.A.A. Panel Examiners.  (The body that oversees and sets the standards to which all UK Microlight instructors operate).  Certainly there isn't a better qualified instructor in the country.


Socially, Northern Microlight school has a strong affiliation with the North West Microlight Aircraft Club, one of the longest established clubs in the country.  Again Graham was a founder member of this club and  supports its many social and flying activities.

So remember for safety, experience and reputation N.M.S. is second to none.